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Best Clubs In Nice

Best Clubs In Nice

Travel and tourism have changed a lot. Things are not what they were a decade ago. The expectations of people have changed, and the tourist destinations have also started to cater according to the wish of the audience. A few years back if a place has good weather and some spots worth seeing the place was considered a tourist spot. But now it has to have good hotels, shopping areas and a lot more. The latest that was added to that list is the nightlife of the place which is very much needed for the young crowd. In this article, we will see the best clubs in Nice, France which is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world.

Les Trois Diables

Les Trois Diables is located in the heart of Nice. The club is very famous, and its popularity has never decreased over the years. The club keeps the party going for long hours with engaging schedules. The time is divided for karaoke, pub quiz, and the best part there is prime time for students in the evening. They also have a great music scene with the best DJs rendering some amazing foot-tapping music.

Le Ghost

There is a reason why this club is named Le Ghost. The club has some gothic interiors that really give a great feel during the nights. The music that is played by the DJs is also a bit gothic which actually elevates the spirit of celebration. The dance floor in the club might be small, but the energy level is very high. If you are a bunch of young people, this is the ideal place to be.

Akathor Pub

The Akathor Pub is located in the old town of Nice.  The pub is one of the most famous pubs in Nice. For the past twenty years, this pub has been dominating the nightlife in Nice. If you are able to get a pass, consider yourself lucky. It is because it is not an easy thing to get passes to this pub. It is jam-packed throughout the year.

Bar Des Oiseaux

Bar Des Oiseaux is located in the corner of the Old Town. The bar is known for hosting, a lot of live shows that include stand up comedies, live music performances, and karaoke. The place also serves some of the best cocktails. The place also has some unique décor that makes a better ambiance.


L’Ambassade is not the normal kind of club where you hear some loud music and people indulging in some crazy things. The club is very much confined to the sophisticated crowd who love to have a good time without making a huge deal. It is also a bit expensive when compared to most of the clubs in Nice. So if you are ever going to drop in at L’Ambassade, be ready to spend some huge bucks.